Dubai Frame: Architectural Marvel With Panoramic Views

The Dubai Frame, widely known as the Golden Frame Dubai and ‘the world’s largest picture frame’, is situated at the heart of Dubai, Zabeel Park. The Dubai Frame, popularly known as the Golden Frame Dubai or ‘the world’s largest picture frame’, is situated at the heart of Dubai in Zabeel Park. Rising 150 meters high, it frames a panoramic view of the skyline and some of the iconic structures of Dubai like the Burj Khalifa and the Emirates. The frame stands as a symbolic bridge that connects the rich history of Dubai to its spectacular present. The Dubai Frame celebrates all the changes that Dubai has experienced, from its early beginnings to its glittering present.

On one side you get to see the New Dubai with its skyscrapers and on the other side, you will see the old Dubai overlooking Deira, a historically significant place, you will be able to trace Dubai’s journey right in front of your eyes. The frame not only bridges the gap between the past and the present but through dedicated exhibitions, it also shows you what Dubai would look like in the future. All three timelines are flawlessly portrayed through augmented reality. This monument is one of Dubai’s extraordinary growth and its aspiring legacy.

Why Visit Dubai Frame?

Here is the Information about Why to Visit Dubai Frame:

  • Enjoy an audio-visual experience inside Dubai Frame where you get to learn about the past, present, and future of Dubai.
  • The Frame dramatically captures the coral stone houses of old Dubai and the skyscrapers of new Dubai.
  • Walking on the glass-bottom panel will provide you with an extraordinary view making you feel that you are walking in the air.
  • You can see as far as the Arabian Gulf and the famous Abra Creek Crossing right from the SkyDeck.
  • The structure contributes to Dubai's nickname 'City of Gold' as it showcases 15,000 sqm of gold cladding.

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Dubai Frame Complete Tour

About Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame, a symbol of the city's dynamic spirit, is a one-of-a-kind attraction that seamlessly blends architectural ingenuity with historical significance. Positioned in Zabeel Park, this monumental structure is a colossal rectangular frame with a sky-high glass-floored bridge connecting its two towers.

As visitors step into the Dubai Frame, they embark on a mesmerizing journey. The ground floor showcases Dubai's past, providing a glimpse into its humble origins and remarkable evolution. The glass bridge, hovering above, offers a thrilling perspective, allowing you to walk amidst the sky while witnessing the city's modern skyline.

The observation deck at Dubai Frame delivers panoramic views that encapsulate Dubai's duality – the juxtaposition of tradition and innovation. This iconic attraction stands not just as a visual masterpiece but as a metaphorical link between the city's heritage and its aspirations, inviting all to explore its multifaceted narrative.

The Architecture of the Dubai Frame


The Dubai Frame architecture is an incredible work that blends the history and modernity of Dubai in one structure. It is a huge photo frame made up of two tall pillars connected by a bridge, embracing the entire city. The Dubai Frame is also known as the largest frame in the world.

The pillars are 150 meters high and the bridge is 93 meters long, perfect for walking across. The structure has a special 25-meter glass section where you can feel like you're walking on air. This deck creates magic at night as you look upon the sparkling lights and skyscrapers of Gold City. This is perfect for looking all around at Dubai's sparkling lights and skyscrapers. The Dubai Frame is more than just a building, it is like a doorway that takes you through time, showing how Dubai has changed. The frame lets you see the past, present, and future of Dubai in one incredible view.

History of Dubai Frame

Here are the Information about Dubai Frame History

History Of Dubai Frame

The construction of Dubai Frame started in 2013 and welcomed its tourists in 2018. Designed by Fernando Doris, this special structure stands out from typical city buildings by framing the landmarks and symbols already there. This architectural marvel creatively bridges Dubai's past and future, while revolving around the city's present. 

The Dubai Frame hosts around 2 million people annually. Placed in the frame, you can see Dubai's modern side from the old city view, and the new town side shows its historical beginnings. The frame was built using a sturdy combination of glass, reinforced concrete, steel, and aluminum, creating a modern and artistic appearance. At night, the frame lights up and makes the colorful city view even more amazing. As a result, the Dubai Frame stands not only as a structural wonder but also as a visual delight, captivating visitors day and night.

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Experiences at Dubai Frame

As one goes inside the Dubai Frame, the whole visualisation of the future, past, and the present is laid in front of the eyes. With Dubai Frame Tickets you can experience the galleries of past, present, and future, the eventual changes of Dubai would be laid in front of your eyes

  • Old Dubai Gallery: You will experience the story of the bygone years through audio-visual technology here. The narration of the attraction focuses on objects like pewters, sewing machines, and praying beads which were used in day-to-day life before Dubai became a city of skyscrapers.
  • Present Dubai: In this section, you get to see the gallery that showcases all the recent growth and prosperity that Dubai has built in recent times. Additionally, you get to glance at a 360-degree view of the Old and the New Dubai and trace the developments by yourself.
  • Future Dubai: This gallery will show you the future of technology in Dubai. The audio and visual effects create the illusion of taking you to 2050 Dubai in a time machine. From air taxis to underwater life to spectacular space missions, the future Dubai will not miss a chance to amaze you.

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Places to Visit Near Dubai Frame

The famous places to visit near Dubai Frame are as follows:

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

Situated just 8 km away from the Dubai Frame, The Burj Khalifa stands as the world’s tallest free-standing structure. It has a history of holding records for the highest restaurants in the world, Atmosphere Grill and Lounge, and the longest elevator travel. You can experience the unmatched views of Burj Khalifa through its observation decks on the 124th, 125th, and 148th floors.

Garden Glow in Dubai
Dubai Garden Glow

At a distance of 3 km from Dubai Frame, Dubai Garden Glow displays a delightful world for you. Being the largest glow-in-the-dark garden it exhibits an amazing concept of utilizing thousands of energy-saving Led lights and recycled dazzling fabric. The garden is divided into three sections: The Garden Glow, the Art Park, and the dinosaur park, each more mesmerizing than the other. The Art Park has unique artworks with a representation of Dubai in miniature form. The Dinosaur Park at the Glow Garden is the biggest Dinosaur Park in the world. You can witness more than 100 animatronic dinosaurs here. 

Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club
Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

Located just 7km away from Dubai Frame, the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club breathes in an oasis of date palms, coconut trees, and shrubberies. As a visitor, You can get your hands on a golf club right in the heart of the city. The clubhouse is yet another surprise as it is designed as a traditional Arab Dhow. This is a famous place as many tourists click photos in front of the Dhow-shaped club. The club shows Dubai's sailing history through its modernism.

Zabeel Park
Zabeel Park

Since the Dubai Frame is located at Zabeel Park, you must visit the astounding park. It is one of the largest parks in Dubai and also one of the first technology-driven green spaces. This park is an ideal place for kids as it features a children's amusement complex and entertainment center. Spread across 117.3 acres, it is a great spot for barbeque and picnic. Additionally, Zabeel Park Lake lets you pick your own boat so you can paddle away in the lake.

Jumeirah Mosque
Jumeirah Mosque

The Jumeirah Mosque is just a distance of 5.9 km from the Dubai Frame and is one of the very few mosques in the UAE that permit non-muslims. The mosque exhibits medieval Fatimid architecture on stones that represent calmness. Soak in the devotional essence along with its architectural brilliance as you visit the mosque. Additionally, you get to observe the prayer and discover worship customs at the 'Open doors, Open minds' desk.

Museum of Illusions
Museum of Illusions

Just 5.6 km from the Dubai Frame, The Museum of Illusions is a great place to have fun as you get to experience Vortex Tunnels, The Ames and Titled rooms, and Dilemma games all built with the intent to challenge the human brain and ensure out-of-box learning. In addition, there are various other activities like a mirror room, maze puzzles, and VR puzzles to challenge your mind and get the most of it.

Facts About Dubai Frame

The Vortex Tunnel

Read the mentioned interesting facts about Dubai Frame:

  • The Dubai Frame soars 152 meters in height and is 93 meters wide.
  • The two towers are connected by a 93 square meter bridge, with a 25 square meter glass panel inset in the middle.
  • The glass walkway offers a mesmerizing 360-degree view of the entire city of Dubai.
  • The Dubai Frame's height is comparable to a 50-story building.
  • The logo of Expo 2020 inspired the exterior design of Dubai Frame.
  • The Dubai Frame cost more than AED 160 million in 2018.
  • Fernando Doris, the same architect who designed The Renaissance Tower and Dubai's Porsche Design Tower, also designed The Dubai Frame.
  • The Dubai Frame is called Berwaz Dubai in Arabic.
  • The Dubai Frame consists of several sections: the Dubai Future Gallery and the Sky Deck, the Dubai Past Gallery, the Social Media Wall, and a Souvenir shop where you can buy interesting souvenirs and the popular miniatures of the Dubai Frame.
  • The Dubai Frame allows only 200 visitors each hour, with groups of 20 sent to augmented reality zones - the Mezzanine levels, the Sky Deck level, and the Vortex level.
  • Tickets need to be purchased in advance, based on time slots and batches.

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Useful Tips To Read Before Visiting Dubai Frame

  • Visitors with pre-booked tickets are advised to arrive 10-15 mins before the scheduled admission time.
  • Visitors who plan to book a ticket on the spot should reach at least an hour before time.
  • If you opt for the Breakfast at Dubai Frame ticket, we recommend you visit between 6 am to 8 am to get the most out of your experience.
  • Dress modestly to respect the local customs of Dubai.3
  • Children below the age of twelve, must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • You can have up to five members as a group on a single entry.
  • The Dubai Frame does not allow pets inside the premises, therefore we suggest you not take your pets along on your visit.
  • Do not carry any food and beverages while visiting Inside Dubai Frame.
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Know Before You Go To Dubai Frame

Essential Information
Best Time To Visit Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame Pictures

Location: Gate 4, Zabeel Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

When to visit: Dubai Frame is open all days of the year, including public holidays. However, visiting times vary during the holy month of Ramadan.


  • Monday to Sunday: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.
  • The last admission is at 8:30 PM, 30 minutes before closing. 
  • You can enjoy the breakfast cafe at the top of Dubai Frame between 6 am to 8 am.

How to Reach Dubai Frame:

  • By Metro: Metro Dubai is the cheapest and fastest way to reach Dubai Fames. The Al Jafiliya stop on the Red Line is the nearest metro station to Dubai Frame. Dubai Frame and Zabeel Park are located within a few minutes of the metro station.
  • By Bus: Bus services are very favorable and budget friendly in Dubai. You can take Bus F09 as it stops right in front of the Dubai Frame building.
  • By Car: You can take a quick ride to Zabeel Park Gate One as it offers a public parking lot. The Zabeel Park Gate 4, which gives an entrance to the Golden Frame is a minute's walk from there.
  • By Cab: Taking a cab is the easiest way to reach the Dubai Frame. The city offers multiple cab options like Ola, Uber, and Careem.

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What is so special about Dubai Frame?

    Dubai Frame is a phenomenal piece of architecture and it sets an example in the artistic approach taken in building it. Watch the transformation of Dubai from its early days to its extravagant present and as well as Dubai’s vision for its future. Its grand decor studded with gold cladding contributes to the title ‘City of Gold’ that Dubai has rightly gained. Apart from the beauty and the charming decoration, you will come across a souvenir shop here from where you can buy things to remember the place.

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